Basement floor insulation products : Heating tile floor.

Basement Floor Insulation Products

basement floor insulation products

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New insulation in attic

New insulation in attic

The new insulation is 4x as thick as the old stuff, which is hard to see under all the blow-in insulation. And it's only over my bedroom; the rest of the house has only the blow-in stuff. Also, they used 16" wide insulation, which leaves an 8" gap! The new stuff should be much better.

Ceiling Insulation - Day 67

Ceiling Insulation - Day 67

When I'm not taking bird photos I'm cutting dozens of narrow boards and nailing them up here. The goal is to improve the insulation, but we're starting to like the new look as well.

As of today, we're about half done.

basement floor insulation products

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