Floating Oak Floor

floating oak floor

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floating oak floor - BHK Flooring

BHK Flooring PSE 202 17.22-Square Feet Moderna Perfection Special Edition Laminate Flooring Planks, 7-Per Box, Ozark Oak

BHK Flooring PSE 202 17.22-Square Feet Moderna Perfection Special Edition Laminate Flooring Planks, 7-Per Box, Ozark Oak

Gorgeous and functional, moderna Perfection Laminate Flooring combines the classic beauty of wood with the easy maintenance of laminate. Each Perfection pattern has a detailed grain pattern that offers a realistic wood appearance, and yet is incredibly easy to clean. Best of all, this upscale laminate is more affordable than traditional wood flooring, so you can get beauty that fits within your budget.

Laminate Flooring
At a Glance:
Woodgrain laminate is virtually indistinguishable from traditional wood flooring
Multi-layer flooring is scratch, wear, and stain resistant
Tongue-and-groove joinery system makes for glue-free installation
Installation is 50% faster than traditional flooring
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

All moderna® Laminate Flooring is easy to clean and allergen free. View larger.

This durable flooring will give your home a warm feel for years to come. View Larger.
Elegant and Durable for Active Homes
Incredibly realistic, moderna Perfection Laminate Flooring features woodgrain patterns that mimic the appearance of real wood. This laminate flooring is easy to clean and is allergen free, making it the perfect fit for active homes. This upscale laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of woodgrain options and warm hues to enhance the stylish appearance of your home.
Quality Comes in Layers
This German-made moderna flooring is built to last with four functional layers. Each product features a transparent top layer that is scratch and stain resistant. This protects the design layer, which hosts various patterns and designs. The third layer is the high-density, swell-resistant HDF core that's manufactured with a water-resistant glue--it's balanced by a fourth, stabilizing layer that eliminates cupping and warping.
Together, these four layers mean you'll be investing in wear-resistant, impact-resistant, burn-resistant, scratch-resistant flooring that is both stylish and easy to maintain. Its colorfast qualities maintain color for years, even in direct sunlight, allowing you to rearrange furniture without a problem.
Glueless Flooring Clicks Together for Efficient Installation
Easy to install, moderna Perfection Laminate Flooring can be placed over other flooring materials, such as PVC, linoleum, and tiles--without the use of glue. The flooring planks feature an innovative tongue-and-groove joinery system that allows the pieces to easily click together. This UNILIN-licensed joinery system allows for a 50% faster installation when compared with traditional glued flooring and is easier and cleaner to install.
In addition, the floor covering is easy to disassemble and reassemble. This allows you to take your flooring with you--for up to three moves. To achieve best results, the base floor must be thoroughly clean and flat before installation. BHK Flooring is backed by a limited lifetime residential warranty for stains, wear, and fading.
What's in the Box
moderna Perfection Laminate Flooring.

The innovative tongue-and-groove joinery system allows for a 50% faster installation when compared with traditional glued flooring.
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Watching you [Explored]

Watching you [Explored]

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In 2004 the city signed a lease agreement with a developer to rebuild the ballroom. That same year began the work. On October 25, 2007 opened the fully renovated Stadsfeestzaal its doors again to the public, this time as a luxury shopping center. The glass dome with gold leaf, the staircase, the original decorations, sculptures, mosaics, wall reliefs and oak parquet floors are true to the original monument was rebuilt under control. The marble in the hall comes from the same quarry as the original marble placed in the hall. Some highlights after the renovation, the floating champagne Laurent Perrier and the video wall and the first store in the world of Tommy Hilfiger Tailor Made.

The wood for the house

The wood for the house

It's Oak engineered hardwood and will go in the living and dining areas as well as the hallway. You can't do solids on a concrete subfloor, Will hates laminate (after working for a Finnish log home company, he's a wood snob), and he doesn't want anything "floating".

floating oak floor

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